Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pads ready to post!

I've made 142 pads for Empower Women in Africa, and they are ready to go - I just need help raising money to cover the postage.

They are in 2 sizes.  There are about 12 AIO pads, the rest are about half and half fold-up pads and base+insert pads.  Some of the foldup pads are flannel/flannelette (8 layers when folded), some are heavier ones made with hemp fleece and cotton terry. All fold-up pads have a strip of PUL sewn to the foldup section so that it is waterproofed once folded.  The base+insert pads have a base of PUL topped with microfleece, with 2 hemp/bamboo fleece inserts each pad.

There is just over 4.5kg of pads... which will cost AUD$138.60 to post.  So far in donations I have $85... plus the $13 left over from last donation...  So I need another $40.  You can help out by making a contribution here http://www.obsidianstar.com.au/product/1105 (If we manage to get over the amount needed, it will be saved for the next lot of donations)

I'd also like to thank Bamboo Fabric Store, for sending me a large bag of bamboo fabrics last week, including lovely bamboo velour, terry and fleece!  The bamboo has made lovely inserts for the base+insert pads - LUSH!

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