Monday, April 18, 2011

Donation project update

So.. I've been making some pads and spreading the word that pads are needed for a conference in Namibia.  So far I have 100 pads sewn up.  More to come.  Most foldup pads (with PUL waterproofing), and some base+help fleece inserts.... with more cut out ready to sew.

(Pad stack)
(Microfleece topped, PUL bases, with trifold hemp terry inserts)

(Fold-up pads... jersey topped, with hemp fleece foldup section, with PUL strip)

I've just got a large box of mostly PUL (also some velour, suedecloth, microfleece, snaps and threads!) from Nappies Covered - which was fantastic!  I've also got some fabrics donated from other people which is greatly appreciated too!  I've even got $60 in donations for covering the postage, which is an excellent start - I think I'll need around $120-130, so I will still need some help covering the postage.  You can contribute to the postage here, by "buying" some postage :)

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