Saturday, March 14, 2009


I know I don't keep this blog up, but there hasn't been much to tell.

I sent off a couple of boxes of collected pads to a women who I had made contact with through Live Journal. Hopefully we can continue to send pads through her.

Melbourne (Australia) has been hit by bushfires over the past few weeks, and as a result many thousands of people have been left with damaged or destroyed houses. I'm currently working on getting together some pad donations to be able to give out to any women who will accept them who have lost their home/possessions due to the fires. While perhaps not as noble a cause as sending to underdeveloped countries - at least it's something.


Unfortunately now G4G has closed, we've lost that avenue for getting donated pads out there :( I did offer to maintain the domain and blog for them, and asked for the contact details they had over there so I could continue the work, but I never heard back. Which is a shame.

Lunapads have started up their own pad drive (, but it would seem they are donating their own pads, and not collecting donations from others. I contacted the organisation they are working through (, but they said they were not interested in taking donations at this time (They are working on getting the women to sew their own pads and start up businesses - which is a good thing!).

I have also contacted the other aid organisation mentioned in the Lunapads blog - so just waiting to hear back from them.

If anyone has any contacts or knows of any agencies accepting cloth pads - PLEASE let me know.