Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sister Hope no longer accepting pads, and a new charity I found

Sister Hope have decided to move in a slightly different direction, and instead of taking cloth pad donations, they will now be selling bags and using some of the profits from that to buy pads from Afri-Pads.

"Sis Hope has partnered up with Afri-Pads, a female run initiative in Uganda, to distribute menstrual kits to school girls in need. How will we do that, you ask? Well that is where our one to one model comes in: for every bag you purchase from Sis Hope, we will give away one menstrual kit to a girl in need."

Which is a shame for people who like to sew pads and need places to send them, but understandable given the high cost of postage. They do suggest sending pads to

And don't forget, there are other organisations who are still accepting cloth pads - look at the website for details

Also.... I found - I urge you to go look at their YouTube video - it's beautiful!

Unfortunately they don't take pad donations, but they are asking for $28 donations, which are used for setting women up in pad making businesses - which not only helps the women who makes the pads, by giving her a business to support herself and her family, but it then gets more pads out there so that more women can have pads to use - win win!