Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pads ready to ship out - we need postage money!

As much as I'd like to be able to pay it and send these off, I can't do it myself.  I've already donated fabric and snaps (as well as time) making them.... So I'm asking... begging!!!  please, help out too, by donating some money to help pay for postage.

I've weighed the pads and I believe it's about 6.5-7 kilos once packed. So according to the Australia Post website, that will cost $130 (Australian) to post express to Sister Hope (It's $124 to go non-express, so I think it's worth paying the extra bit to get it there faster).

I've put a little fundraising thermometer picture in the side menu to show our progress, and I'll update it as we get more money in.  So far we are at about 10%

So, please look here:

and contribute in one of 3 ways:
  • "Buy" one of the postage only pad sets by Obsidian Star (which contributes $10 to the fund-raising)
  • "Buy" the $5 contribution listing (which you can "buy" more than one of if you'd like to donate $15 for example).... 
  • Bid on the charity auctions (more will be going up later) where the winning bidder gets to keep the pads, and all of the money paid goes to the postage of the donated pads.
Please help us raise the money needed to get these pads sent off ASAP!!!


Joyful said...

Where are the pads being shipped (from Australia to ??). I would like to help you ship and hope to add something as soon as I am able. Did you see my question on an early blog post?

Obsi said...

America - They are going to Sister Hope, who are taking them to Uganda with them in May.

I did see your question, and I will e-mail you shortly (been extremely busy :))