Friday, April 16, 2010

Long time no blog

Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged!

Firstly, I've found out about 4 new (to me) organisations that deal with sending cloth pads to women in developing countries!

Also, with the help of some great customers, we've donated a couple of pad sets to the Shanti Uganda Society

And most recently, I've had some beautiful fabrics donated to me from Twinkle Lily.   So far I've sewn up 50 pads and some breast pads that are available in sets on Cloth Pad Shop for postage only. These will be going to the Shanti Uganda Society and Sister Hope.

 (Breast pads for the Shanti Uganda birth kits)

(Cloth Pad Sets.  5 pads with a PUL wetbag)

And this week I had a little "Pad Party" (little because in the end only one other person turned up)... and we made 50 pads, with a few more cut out, and we're meeting again next week to make more.  I've also got another lot of donated fabric coming, and I've hopefully inspired 2 other people to hold pad parties, so that's great!!!

Here are a few pics from our pad sewing this week.
(Trusty pad cutter extraordinaire!)

(Pads being sewn)

(Our stack of pads)

 (Every pad-maker needs to stop for a Chocolate and Chai tea break!)

More pics next week when we've sewn more!  And I've done a bit of reorganising and prettying up the website a little, so please go check it out.

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