Thursday, December 13, 2007


Haven't updated in a while - sorry.

I'm still trying to find an agency to take the pads. It seems Counterpart has fallen through. The original woman I was talking to left after we'd got as far as sorting out what country we were going to send to. And the new woman in her role ended up passing my details on to a few other people, and I've not heard back from any of them.

I contacted Gloria (twice) again from the CCRF - but no reply.

I also contacted the original Oxfam contact I'd had - who I basically turned down because they wanted them as relief packages (for tsunamis and the like), and I'd wanted to have them go to women who have everyday needs. I never heard back.

I tried a different, general e-mail address for Oxfam, and no reply... and I've recently tried an e-mail address for someone to do with volunteering - so I'm hoping that will get a reply. Oxfam would be handy, as they have just opened a shop close to me, so I could take the boxes in. But we'll have to see.

I've also contacted a couple of people in regard to women's shelters.... so just waiting to hear back from them.

Its very hard to keep motivated with this when I'm having no luck getting the first lot of donations out :( I'd hoped to be doing a large run each year, but until I find an agency that will take them.... that's not going to happen.

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